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Simplify your Referral and Prior Authorization workflow with intelligent automation.  

 VTS simplifies your Referral and Prior Authorization workflow with intelligent automation so you get a clearer view of your process, reduce denial, and end manual work.  


Innovation Meets Diligence for Unmatched Efficiency

Understanding the intricate challenges of integrating diverse systems within healthcare, VTS offers a unique approach that marries innovation with meticulous diligence. Our solutions are crafted for seamless integration, connecting disparate elements into a cohesive, highly efficient workflow tailored to the specific needs of our clients. By emulating end-user processes through intelligent automation, we minimize the need for manual intervention, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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Our Focus

VTS automates Eligibility Verification & Correction, Insurance Normalization, Referral and Prior Authorization Submission for all Healthcare system service lines, through extensive customized integration with our clients’ host systems and payers.


VTS Intelligent Automation


Eligibility Verification & Correction


Insurance Normalization


Referral Submission 


Prior Authorization Submission

Experience Integrated Workflow within your existing HIS system ensuring a seamless user experience


Automatically reviews eligibility responses and sends notification/alert for review.  

Auto-corrects Medicare Managed Care Allocation and Third Party Liability errors. 

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Discover patient’s active insurance from historical data.  

Auto-detects and corrects any insurance changes and inconsistencies.


Auto-submission of referrals for PCP within the healthcare system.  

Automatically sends request for referral to physician if PCP is outside the healthcare system.  

Checks referral status directly with the payer and feeds results into the workflow.

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Prior Authorization

Automatically sends authorization request directly to payers. 

Checks status of the authorization request and feeds the results into the workflow.  
All-Healthcare service lines covered such as ambulatory, ER, in-patient, Ancillary, Observation, transitional, etc. 

Automatically sends and processes NOA. 

Automatically sends and processes ER Authorization request to VA.  

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Dedication: Your ultimate partner in automating your processes.

Our commitment extends beyond mere technological solutions; we aim to be a steadfast ally in your quest for operational excellence.  At VTS, we believe in solving your challenges promptly, ensuring that resolutions come not from future updates but from immediate, effective action.


Our dedication is to provide you with reliable, innovative support, making us more than just a service provider—we're your partner in automation, ready to tackle any challenge head-on.

Experience our intelligent automation customized to your needs with configurable workflows, innovative tools to help you during the transition, and smart analytics that transform your operations.  

“We have truly elevated our operational efficiency through VTS's intelligent automation. They completed our automation requests fast and provided intuitive, multi-level functionalities for complex tasks . Thanks to VTS, we've experienced timelier responses for referral and authorizations, streamlined worklists for our team, and a reduction in our operational cost.  

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